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Lorna and Randy Rigdon enjoying a day off! The klamath basin has provided many special memories.
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Marc Mondovi with a Williamson River frog water red band rainbow.
Janice tops Marc with a bigger Williamson River Rainbow.
Larry starts the day off well on the Williamson River, Oregon
Gin clear and cold. Big rainbows are hard to fool in spring creek conditions.
Clear and Cold Spring Creek. This section of the Williamson River will challenge the best fly fisherman.
Oregon Fly Fishing Snapshots. Flyfishing Oregon. Klamath Basin

Herb and Glenn Burton prove their skills on the Williamson River with Fly fishing guide.
A beautiful red band on the Williamson after a long afternoon of fly fishing.

Fly fishing in Oregon's Klamath basin has given Lorna (my wife), and me, a lifetime of unforgettable, and wonderful memories. Guiding these special waters has been a truly rewarding experience. I feel so honored to be included in my clients valuable vacation time, or retirement years. Their excitement, plus the thrill of hunting trophy trout is what keeps me pushing the limits of fly fishing as we know it.

This page is dedicated to all of them in celebration of their successes. All the fish shown are wild trout caught in the Klamath basin, and were released! No pond triploids, or pellet eaters here. These wild trout are the real deal.  By the way, any wild trout, despite its girth, or length, is a trophy in my eyes. Big or small, we love them all. Enjoy this brag sheet, and I hope to see you here soon.

Thanks so much, and congratulations to all !

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One of many trophies for Lou on the Williamson River.
Ladies usually get more than there share of Williamson River Trout.
Another Agency Lake lunker. Some of the largest trout found in the lower 48 states.
Chris Engle with one of his pets. This trout is pushing the lower double digits in pounds not inches.
Even an old tank commander can catch a huge trout on the Williamson River.
Doug with the largest of his many Williamson River redband rainbow trout.
Larry takes a beautiful brown on a dry.
One of my best on the Wood River. You don't find these fish here in the early summer like we used to. Restoration?
Vance takes this beauty on a light leader and a very small nymph on the Williamson River.
30"+ Rainbow on 5x! Williamson River Oregon Fly fishing.
The Wood River is a challenge for any fly fisher. Large browns are common here, but are very hard to fool.

Fly fishing on Oregon's Williamson River, Wood River and Klamath, Agency Lake for Trophy Redband Rainbow Trout. Guides, Lodging and Current Fly Fishing Fishing Reports. Pictures of huge, wild, Oregon Trout.

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